The Dignity of Your Work

Love work, loath mastery over others, and avoid intimacy with the government.
Ethics of the Fathers, 1:10.

Work ought to be a fair and dignified part of life. When work means abuse, wage theft, unfair and illegal treatment, it’s time to consult with legal counsel.

Most employers and employees are pretty fair people; when things get unfair,, however, employers are often at an advantage in money and control. Employment lawyers who represent workers can help correct this imbalance.

I represent real people – clients who have (or need) toothbrushes and don’t have boards of directors or in-house counsel. I represent people who WORK – usually working employees, occasionally the working owner-operators of businesses that feed the owners’ families. I do not represent “Corporate America”, the government or other large employers.

Lots of lawyer advertising talks about how great the lawyer is; most lawyer advertising is nonsense and doesn’t really say very much. To me, lawyering is about the CLIENT and doing what CLIENTS need; it’s not about us lawyers, at all. Our work matters because clients matter; it’s our work, not our ego or our titles, that matters.

We only matter because the CLIENTS matter.

My practice is part of the law firm of Zipin Amster & Greenberg, LLC of Silver Spring, where I am a partner. More information about that firm’s employment practice is available on the firm’s website at, or by telephone at 301-587-9373.