Joe Miller (R-AK Senate candidate) says unemployment benefits are unconstitutional, BUT….

his wife received them immediately after she was terminated from her job – at his magistrate judge’s office – upon getting fired for violating nepotism rules as the wife of a magistrate judge.

Got that? They are unconstitutional, except when my household collects them when my wife gets them after losing her job due to anti-nepotism rules for being my wife.

Go read the comedy:

Unemployment benefits’ constitutionality seems pretty clear to me under the “general welfare” clause of Congress’ enumerated powers, but hey, maybe we have been unconstitutional for 80 years and Joe Miller is the first to realize it.  But only AFTER spending his wife’s UI benefits.  That she got after losing her job.  For being the wife of a judge.  Right.  My bet – he won’t reimburse the U.S. and Alaskan taxpayers and neither will she.  (For the record, both state and federal taxes support the unemployment benefits system.)

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