Law Firm Update, August 5, 2011

The Law Office of Bruce Godfrey is now accepting referrals and new clients in Maryland for relief under chapter 7 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.  The new practice area is in direct response to the underserved need for a second chance for debtors facing impossible circumstances and needing a second shot at the American Dream in this economy.

In addition, the Law Office is pleased to announce that it will be teaching unemployment insurance law, practice and procedure to other attorneys in an emerging CLE format.  The details are embargoed until everything is cleared and everything is signed, but it’s an exciting time for the Law Office.  The Law Office has also applied to teach a less formal course on UI benefits for the benefit of the public at no charge in Baltimore; more news to come on this as results come back.

The new professional setting at 10451 Mill Run Circle in Owings Mills has worked out extremely well; it is likely that the firm will soon secure formal “hard space” on the 4th floor of 10451 beyond the current executive suite services for the Law Office’s clients.

Finally, a more personal update from Bruce Godfrey.  I learned in the space of two days this past week that two of my age-cohort from law school are cancer survivors, one woman and one man.  I have been very fortunate; despite minor health hiccups and needing to lose some weight, I have been very, very fortunate with my health in the last 15 years, with one hospitalization since age 8.  I have the highest respect for each of the attorneys involved for their skill sets and professionalism, each of whom has given me serious cause to reflect upon just how fortunate I have been.  While there have been some personal challenges in the last 5 years on my end – divorce, relocation, financial responsibility for child support, the shared care for two autistic children – my burden is easy.

The experiences of these attorneys has affirmed for me my enthusiastic “boosterism” for solo practice for attorneys, and for a sense of gratitude about just how lucky I am, how fortunate I am to have, overall, very good health and the ability to do what I love on my own terms for the people I want to help.  Cancer is now a great challenge for members of my extended family, with one cousin fighting colon cancer with great bravery and other family members fighting other very daunting fights.  I don’t have my children this weekend but I think I will make a point of hugging them a bit more the next time I see them.

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