Personal – A Big Thank-You to the Baltimore County Police Department

[A personal note from Bruce Godfrey below.]

On January 25, I (Bruce Godfrey) was robbed at gunpoint outside my home in Owings Mills.  Three men approached my automobile from behind and one banged a snub-nosed revolver against my driver side window.  The robbers robbed me of my cell phone and the cash contents of my wallet.  After the robbery, I gave extended statements to uniformed officers and detectives at Franklin Precinct in Reisterstown. The cell phone was one that I used heavily in my practice to assist clients, but was replaced reasonably quickly.

Within a week, three suspects were arrested and are being held on no bond now.  It appears that two other people in Owings Mills were similarly robbed, including one pedestrian who may have been physically battered (I was not.)  I do not wish to divulge further specifics of the case here, but the speed and efficiency with which the police acted really stunned me.  I was blown away by their professionalism and speed.  I am in awe, and I do not do “awe” very often.

My children live about a mile away from me with their mother not far from my law office.  While I would not likely have been out late with the children, there’s no reason why this assault could not have occurred with both of them in the back with their car seats.  That thought just makes me sick.

I need to something to thank the detectives and uniformed officers in this case, but I just don’t know what would be appropriate.  I am just so grateful.

– Bruce Godfrey, 4 February 2012

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