Open Letter to National Organization for Marriage Requesting Boycott of Law Office of Bruce Godfrey

Original Letter

3 April 2012

National Organization for Marriage
Open Letter
By facsimile: (888) 894-3604

Re:             Request to Join Boycott List

Dear Madam or Sir:

I write your organization to request that the Law Office of Bruce Godfrey be placed on the boycott list for corporate and business advocates for the recognition of lawful civil same-sex marriage. I would be most grateful for recognition of my small law office as an opponent of your cause in Maryland as you have recognized companies such as Starbucks.  While Maryland attorney ethics rules place strict prohibitions on attorney solicitations of prospective clients for hire, no ethics rules prohibit an attorney from asking to join a boycott – as a target.

Bruce Godfrey has been a loud and notorious advocate of lawful civil same-sex marriage recognition in his home state of Maryland for many years.  His unapologetic advocacy of equal protection principles and of the equal rights amendment of the Maryland Declaration of Rights advocacy has cost him friendships and business relationships.  Godfrey is an inveterate opponent of your cause and a strong supporter of your most implacable legislative foes in the Maryland State House and General Assembly.  He earned your boycott through loud commentary on this issue as a straight ally of equal protection of the laws on Facebook alone, and will continue to advocate for equal protection of the laws in Maryland per his Maryland Attorney Oath.

It was said of the late actor Paul Newman that his proudest life achievement was being placed on the infamous “enemies short list” of President Nixon during the Watergate era.   If NOM requires a certain amount of achievement in opposition to your aims to merit a boycott, please receive this as a request for the clarification of your boycott criteria so that the Law Office of Bruce Godfrey may, through diligence and honest effort, merit that honor.  Please target Bruce Godfrey for boycott; he intends to earn it.

Very truly yours,

Bruce Godfrey, Attorney (MD/DC)
Attorney at Law

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to National Organization for Marriage Requesting Boycott of Law Office of Bruce Godfrey


    This is brilliant.

    On behalf of my (same-sex) spouse of 13-plus years–legally married to me since 2004, I thank you as well.

    I hope someday I get the opportunity to have NOM boycott me, too!

    Tom Wheaton
    Boston, MA

  2. Love the letter! I’m a straight woman, married for almost 35 years, and I’ve never understood how gay marriage is a threat to my marriage or anyone’s.
    When we need a lawyer, we’ll be looking at your office.

  3. Great idea! I am doing the same damn thing. I urge everyone else to do the same damn thing. Why wait for their hate to catch up to you? It could take years to get on their list. I can’t wait, so I am also volunteering.

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