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I had an hour-long interview with GWynne Monahan of Clio a few months ago and the transcript made it to their blog. It’s a little rough and there are a few errors in it, probably due to the difference between my funny mid-Atlantic accent and the ear of my British Columbia-based interviewer, and I might have had a cold that day as well. In fairness to Clio they gave me an opportunity to edit the text of the transcript, but I didn’t take up their offer as I was too busy with other tasks.

Clio’s a solid choice. The few things I wish they did differently will probably eventually iron out; I respect Clio for printing my remarks insofar as they were contained constructive criticism regarding the need for a few tweaks.

Recently the county attorney’s office for Multnomah County, Oregon (basically Portland and a few of its inner suburbs) signed up with Clio as their practice manager for a 20-attorney office.

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