New outgoing responder for my old email addresses

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues:

Thank you for bearing the inconvenience of this message.


are now deprecated email addresses and are being discontinued. This is to reduce overall email, streamline accounts and clean the Augean Stables of spam.

All clients, government agencies, courts, personnel, CURRENT vendors, Bar Associations and colleagues in the Bar: Please use with my thanks.

Prospective Vendors: please mail your advertising materials or proposals to Box 444, Reisterstown, MD 21136. Please do not contact this office by phone, fax or email. If you must send an email, please send it to


I will check this email file for amusement purposes upon my retirement or disbarment.

Vendors of legal marketing services: Please email me, if you must and only if you must, at


I will post your emails on my website and ask my mentees to grade them according to tastelessness, moral and ethical depravity, punctuation and violation of federal and state laws. I wish all of you the best of bankruptcies and a fresh start afterwards in honest work.

Family and friends: you may email me at my Facebook account for “fun stuff”. If you are not on Facebook, call me for the forwarding address.

Bruce Godfrey

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