Going Geek, Gone Geek

I was most pleased to have the chance to speak at the MSBA Annual Meeting’s “Going Geek” presentations on June 14, 2012 in Ocean City. Four of us presented: Heather Pruger, Esq. of Saul Ewing, Laurie Wasserman Esq. of Tydings and Rosenberg, Hughie Hunt, Esq. of Kemet & Hunt in College Park and myself. We got a nice write-up by Danny Jacobs in the Daily Record today.

I should note that I quoted Eric Turkewitz’ phrase “Outsourcing Marketing = Outsoucring Ethics” with credit both on the PowerPoint slides and verbally at the projector; others have borrowed his intellectual property without crediting him and I want to make sure that no one thinks that happened in Ocean City. ┬áJacobs’ blog post quotes me paraphrasing Turkewitz’ comment but did not quote me as quoting Turkewitz himself, which I also did explicitly in the slides and verbally. I put a brief supplemental comment there to make sure Turkewitz gets the proper credit with the Daily Record’s readers.

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