Going Geek, Gone Geek

I was most pleased to have the chance to speak at the MSBA Annual Meeting’s “Going Geek” presentations on June 14, 2012 in Ocean City. Four of us presented: Heather Pruger, Esq. of Saul Ewing, Laurie Wasserman Esq. of Tydings and Rosenberg, Hughie Hunt, Esq. of Kemet & Hunt in College Park and myself. We got a nice write-up by Danny Jacobs in the Daily Record today.

I should note that I quoted Eric Turkewitz’ phrase “Outsourcing Marketing = Outsoucring Ethics” with credit both on the PowerPoint slides and verbally at the projector; others have borrowed his intellectual property without crediting him and I want to make sure that no one thinks that happened in Ocean City.  Jacobs’ blog post quotes me paraphrasing Turkewitz’ comment but did not quote me as quoting Turkewitz himself, which I also did explicitly in the slides and verbally. I put a brief supplemental comment there to make sure Turkewitz gets the proper credit with the Daily Record’s readers.

One thought on “Going Geek, Gone Geek

  1. Bruce:

    Much appreciated. But even more important than credit, let’s hope that those that heard the mantra remember it when the marketeers come a callin’.


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