The Latest in “Rakofsky v. Internet” from the Philly Law Blog

Philadelphia attorneys Jordan Rushie and Leo Mulvihill practice in that city’s Fishtown neighborhood and publish the Philly Law Blog.  If you haven’t read their synopsis of the procedural posture of that peculiar method of attorney career suicide that attorney Scott Greenfield of New York named “Rakofsky v. Internet“, go read it.

Rakofsky, even now, could probably salvage his career.  He could withdraw everything and maybe, after a couple years, start over.  Publish a memoir about how idiotic he was when he was young.  But no, he’s going to go down for the career bellyflop, it appears.

2 thoughts on “The Latest in “Rakofsky v. Internet” from the Philly Law Blog

  1. What’s disappointing is that Rakofsky’s lawyer should be telling him to get out of the case, and instead focus on rehabilitating his career. I agree that Rakofsky could still bounce back from this before a determination on the merits is made. I bet many of the bloggers would embrace him if he chose to write about his own mishaps.

    However, instead of giving Rakofsky good advice, I’m surprised that Goldsmith is willing to risk his own law license by advocating Rakofsky’s position. The judge told Goldsmith point blank that pushing this to a decision on the merits would force him to decide whether Rakofsky was incompetent and unethical, and that such a determination could have ramifications with “other agencies.”

    The way it’s being handled is a malpractice and ethics mine field for Goldsmith…

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