Clio (#goclio) did a VERY SMART THING – WELL DONE (no joke).

Clio ( has been my practice management tool for about 3 years or so.  One of my gripes about Clio for a long time was its escrow ledgers, which until recently militantly included every zero account from every client open and closed going back to the first day I used their software (for clients dormant for three years+.)  Since escrow accounting is in most states and definitely in mine a monthly positive ethical duty, the preparation and cross checking of the report required opening the report, hitting control-A, pasting the mess into an spreadsheet and carving out all of the dead “zero” accounts.

What a pain in the neck – and an unavoidable one.

I had been begging them to change, nagging them.  In an interview with Clio, on this blog, on Twitter.  I thought about sending their office a couple of pizzas in Vancouver and attaching a note asking them to through in the 12-14 (Correction: apparently per below, more like 360+)  lines of code that would be needed to allow for dead/closed/zero-balance accounts to be excluded.

Then, voilá – Clio fixed it, and in a very elegant way.  Well done, gang.  Well done.  Made this last reconcile a whole lot less aggravating and time-consuming.  This is an example of a smart company figuring out how to ratchet its quality up and keep customer loyalty.


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