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Gaudeamus igitur! A warm welcome to the Maryland Bar to Bennett S. Ostroff (UPDATED December 18, 2013)

Bennett S. Ostroff, Esquire is a friend, mentee and has as of today (December 18, 2013) become a professional colleague. Bennett has taken the Lawyers’ Oath and signed the Test Book bearing the signatures of many generations of admitted attorneys in this State.

I take great pleasure in celebrating his triumph, as I still after 19 years recall the ordeal that precedes that triumph.

Bennett has expressed to me his desire to form a law practice in his new Hunt Valley office that will, even more than mine does, support progressive causes and the rights of the weak against the power of the strong, in reflection of his values and life priorities of long standing. I wish him well and believe that, all miserable factors in the economy and profession to the contrary notwithnstanding, he is far likelier to succeed than to fail. Bennett has rather specific personal reasons for entering this difficult profession and a strong personal ethic that will keep his compass pointing North.

Let us therefore rejoice – congratulations to Bennett S. Ostroff, a fine addition to the Bar of Baltimore County and of Maryland.

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