Author: Bruce Godfrey

Avvo Rating of Attorney Theodore B Godfrey

I am most gratified to have received a rating of “Excellent” from, a nationwide directory and rating service for attorneys. is a fairly new company whose rating service has undergone some scrutiny by some Bar Associations; accordingly one should not use any specific rating service as an absolute guide but conduct independent research

“How to Survive the Police”

This link may be useful to some readers. “How to Survive the Police” is a guide to just that: getting out of an undesired encounter with law enforcement as quickly and safely as possible, while preserving your legal rights. I am honored that selected my article as a “Staff Pick” for their site.

Media Release: Ruby Receptionists Joins Law Office as Key Client Service Provider

For Immediate Release, May 28, 2010 The Law Office of Bruce Godfrey is very pleased to announce a new professional alliance with Ruby Receptionists (, a leader in top-flight client assistance and professional communications management for law firms and related professional organizations throughout the United States and Canada. With the previously announced relocation from Towson

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Law Office of Bruce Godfrey to Relocate to Owings Mills

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Unemployment workers’ rights attorney Bruce Godfrey has announced the relocation of his law practice from Towson, Maryland to Owings Mills, Maryland effective May 31, 2010. The Law Office of Bruce Godfrey has moved to expanded office space at the 11421 Professional Center at 11421 Reisterstown Road in Owings Mills, very convenient to

Changes in Unemployment Insurance in Maryland

Maryland is contemplating a substantial increase in the premiums that employers pay for unemployment insurance, due to the sharp increase in claims during this difficult economy. A discussion of the basics of unemployment insurance payments might help those who are not familiar with the program.  There are two unemployment insurance taxes that Maryland employers pay

Maryland Unemployment Insurance and “Voluntary Quit”

In general, someone who quits her employment voluntarily is ineligible for Maryland unemployment benefits until she earns back into eligibility through subsequent employment.  However, that rule does not tell the whole story. Maryland recognizes two categories of mitigation (“valid circumstances”) or justification (“good cause”) for a voluntary quit. “Valid circumstances” exist when: (i) a substantial