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About this site (May 2017) – Please Read First

This website ( is undergoing (Spring 2017) a significant reformatting to reflect my professional interests as a Maryland employment attorney.  A different site, Working Scribe ( is a growing repository of my other interests in law, law practice and the civic life of Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic. Both sites are going to look a little

10 things to do if you get fired in Maryland

Some of the following items may, or may not, be useful for workers outside of Maryland but this list is specifically intended for Maryland workers. 1.  KEEP CALM. There is no advantage to you legally in losing your mind, your cool or your wits when you get the news that management has fired you.  (By

Required Automobile Security – Transportation Article 17-104

Under Maryland law (specifically Md. Code Ann. TA § 17-104), an owner of a vehicle must maintain required security (almost always insurance, in rare cases a self-insured bond substitute) during the registration period for the vehicle. Three trial issues present themselves regarding any prosecution of this charge. While it’s non-jailable, defense counsel who face this

Licensing of Private Process Servers

Maryland Senate Bill 554, sponsored by Senator Brian Frosh (D-Montgomery) – would enact a licensing system for private process servers in Maryland, titled the Maryland Private Process Servers Act. My first thought about this proposal was “Excellent.” My practice and those of my friends have been plagued by unreliable, even fraudulent, process service issues at

When attorneys self-destruct – a few thoughts….

Practicing law is an “A- minus” stress profession.  It’s not stressful like being a correctional officer or a soldier or Marine, or an air traffic controller or a bomb squad agent.  But within the second tier of professional stress, it can be severe.  Our profession has a higher than average rate of alcoholism, drug abuse