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Going after fraudulent tax preparers

Maryland’s Commercial Law article within the Annotated Code provides certain consumer protection remedies against fraudulent tax preparers who damage their clients or others through trick, lie or stealth.  Many of the victims of such preparers are low-income, low-tax-sophistication taxpayers who may be prepared to believe that, e.g., the descendants of persons held in servitude can

Yes you CAN be fired for posting about your job on Facebook The headline claims that you cannot be fired for posting about your job on Facebook.  This is patently false. While there is, in limited cases, National Labor Relations Board jurisdiction to reverse some actions against employees, it is simply false – DEAD false – that “you cannot be fired for talking about your job”


There are different terms in for the sorts of decision-making and executive function that sometimes lead to disasters like arrests, confinement, police beat-downs or, worst of all, appearances on the highest court of dumbth in the land: the Maury Povich Show, now known simply as “Maury.” “Ghetto logic” and “trailer logic” are a bit

Offer of Free Pro Bono Representation to Counter-Demonstrators Against Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, has announced that it will be demonstrating and preaching its “gospel” at the Baltimore County Circuit Court on January 2, 2013.  The purpose of this demonstration is to announce divine damnation on Maryland and the United States for its passage of the Civil Marriage Protection Act, which will

Sparrows Point, RIP

Sparrows Point is dead. As recently reported, the steel mill complex at Sparrows Point is shutting down and will be demolished.  The massive plant that supplied steel for the Golden Gate Bridge, the George Washington Bridge in NYC and a massive supply of war materiel in both World Wars is going to be scrapped. During