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DLLR: Prison inmates received unemployment

Baltimore Sun, March 7, 2015: The audit of the Division of Unemployment Insurance, which was released Friday, found that the agency did not periodically review whether people getting unemployment benefits were incarcerated, had the same address as others also getting benefits, or were DLLR employees. In a sampling, auditors found that four incarcerated people were

How to check your Maryland Unemployment Appeal Status Online – IMPORTANT UPDATE

UPDATE: I (Godfrey) regret to report that while the telephone numbers for the contacts at the Board of Appeals and the Lower Appeals Division are available at the link below, the link no longer provides a search portal for Maryland unemployment appeals.  We are keeping the page up for archival purposes. __________________________________________________________________ The following people

If I quit a McJob, because it sort of stank, does that make problems for my unemployment benefits in Maryland?

Maybe. I am not your lawyer, and don’t want to appear to give you legal advice or inadvertently give you, as a non-client, advice. Quitting any new job before or while you are on Maryland unemployment – even one that you don’t value or think is “for you” – may be a “voluntary quit” under