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The Ten Rules of Lawyering

Rule 1: Get Paid Up Front Rule 2: Don’t Win The Ethics War, Avoid the Ethics War (Foonberg the Great) Rule 3: 90% of Law School is a Waste, but Which 90%? Rule 4: Never Believe Career Services, Especially When They Tell The Truth Rule 5: Law School Is a Terrible Investment; Make the Most of… Read More »

AGC v. Marcalus and some advice to new attorneys

If you practice in MD, go read AGC v. Marcalus, though possibly NOT on your work computer. A few points. 1) The attorney in question was barred one year before me, which means that he got his law license about one year before the words “World Wide Web” were well known.  I got barred in… Read More »

Adam Reposa, Attorney at Law….

This report shows how attorney Adam Reposa of Austin has gotten jailed for contempt of court for using a lewd gesture at a prosecutor during a trial, made crazy ads and now created stickers bearing the seal of the City of Austin marking businesses as for “white people only” and affixed them to businesses in gentrifying… Read More »

Weed falls out of attorney’s pocket in court, March 18, 2015: “Case in point: a lawyer in New London, Connecticut let a two ounce sack of marijuana slip form his pocket to the floor while in court yesterday. The best part? The lawyer, 46-year-old Vincent J. Fazzone, was in court representing a client, claims the weed wasn’t even his.” The article, quoting… Read More »

Disbarred for bad mouthing judges, prosecutors and public defenders

In February 2014, following oral argument in January, the Maryland Court of Appeals disbarred an attorney for emailing a number of attorneys, including long-time former Attorney Grievance Commission member George Meng, Esquire, defamatory claims of corruption regarding a number of judges and elected officials including the Attorney General.  Opinion of Judge Greene in Attorney Grievance… Read More »