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Rule 1.2(b) – Endorsement of a client’s views

As noted within the Law Office’s website, the Law Office hasn’t shied away from taking political stands.  It represents only workers, not management, in employment law disputes, and maintains a pro-worker, pro-union, pro-labor perspective.  It supports the legalization of marijuana, supports the 2nd Amendment as a human right – and also supports the 1st Amendment

“Branding” in the practice of law really burns my wide-load rear end

What are brands? “Brand” comes from a Germanic route meaning “to burn”; the related words “brandy”, “brent” and many modern German words employ this root to describe the act or recipient of burning. In North America and later some other places, cattle were branded (burned, though not too painfully I am told) with glowing-hot iron

Advice to Young Lawyers: Do NOT Let Some Vendor Own Your Identity

It’s bad enough that we attorneys have to use vendors to supply our needs like everyone else in business. Good business judgment encourages economization and a careful eye on the effective rate of return from expenditures, including supplies, utilities, equipment, fixtures, inventory (not that that’s much of an issue in 99% of law offices) and

Online Legal Marketers: Please Go Find Honest Work Instead

I have changed the outgoing message on my office switchboard voicemail to tell online social media marketing companies aiming at attorneys (or others, but especially at us lawyers) to change careers and explore honest work as an alternative.  The number of loud-mouthed Glengarry-wannabes calling and leaving messages to the effect that “we have a few

“The 21st Century Lawyer Manifesto” – a respectful dissent

Long post. In general, we Americans favor the doer over the critic.  Theodore Roosevelt lost his charm for me once I learned that he attacked American Revolution founding father Thomas Paine as “that filthy little atheist” – inaccurately, Paine being a Deist and scathing critic of nearly every form of Christianity that he encountered.  Roosevelt’s