Category: Major Maryland Cases

Important Maryland Cases: Coleman v. Soccer Association of Columbia, 432 Md. 679 (2013)

The Court of Appeals reaffirmed Maryland’s long-standing doctrine of contributory negligence in Coleman v. Soccer Association of Columbia. Judge Eldridge wrote for the majority, while Judge Green concurred separately with three other members of the Court joining, affirming the capacity but not the wisdom of the Court’s alteration of Maryland law on this point. Judge

Important Maryland Cases: Martens Chevrolet v. Seney, 292 Md. 328 (1982)

In Martens Chevrolet v. Seney, 292 Md. 328 (1982), the Court of Appeals affirmed the existence of a tort of negligent misrepresentation in Maryland separate from the tort of fraud/deceit. The Court interpreted the record in the light most favorable to the plaintiffs in rendering its ruling, since the trial court entered on the count of negligent

Important Maryland Cases: Owens-Illinois, Inc. et al., v Zenobia, et al., 325 Md. 420 (1992)

In Owens-Illinois, Inc., et al., v. Zenobia, et al.,  325 Md. 420 (1992), the Maryland Court of Appeals enunciated a “malice” standard for punitive damages in Maryland. Plaintiffs Zenobia and Dickerson in the original cases were victims of asbestos exposure and sued several defendants who produced, supplied or installed products containing asbestos.  At trial, the only