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Things you should not post on

I have mixed feelings about  On the one hand, it has challenged the long-time attorney ratings monopoly of Martindale-Hubbell.  While lawyers can “rig” an Avvo rating, lawyers can also “rig” a Martindale rating to some extent.  Competition is healthy, even in semi-rigged BS ratings systems.  Hell, even Maury Povich has to take some maurylogical

[Town] [State] [Practice Area] [Sub-field or Court Venue] [“Lawyer/Law/Attorney”] [“Blog”]

[Self-congratulatory paragraph implying that attorney is aggressive, caring, ‘the best’ (in defiance of common sense, ethical principles and rules) and is super-competent after 3 years of practice.] [Non-news event involving petty drug bust in [Town], posted not for news value but for SEO gimmickry.] [“If you get a [random town] [charge for which town is

Cultural Competence and Advising Law Clients

If you practice anywhere in the U.S., but especially in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural region such as most of Maryland, it’s important to stay ahead on cultural issues – both to be aware of common cultural patterns AND not to indulge mere stereotypes regarding cultural patterns.  The key word are “awareness” and “attention.” Sometimes little things