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Alan Hilliard Legum, R.I.P.

A very decent man died this week. Annapolis attorney Alan Hilliard Legum died this week according to a recent announcement by his law partner Shane Nikolao and reports in the Capital Gazette. Alan was surprisingly gentle in his style for a litigation attorney, very understated in his personal demeanor but most effective in his practice… Read More »

DLLR: Prison inmates received unemployment

Baltimore Sun, March 7, 2015: The audit of the Division of Unemployment Insurance, which was released Friday, found that the agency did not periodically review whether people getting unemployment benefits were incarcerated, had the same address as others also getting benefits, or were DLLR employees. In a sampling, auditors found that four incarcerated people were… Read More »

Friolo v. Frankel: 14 years of Maryland litigation and still going strong

Friolo sued Frankel under the Maryland wage payment and collection statute, and the rest has been 14 years of trial and appellate history, including the appointment of a special master and three trips to Maryland’s highest court.  A lot of the fighting has dealt with attorneys’ fees, specifically the reasonableness of requested fee-shifting under Md.… Read More »

“New” Maryland Rule 2-305

Effective January 1 of this year, a new rule provision went into effect governing damages clauses in civil complaints in Circuit Court. Under newly modified Rule 2-305, a demand for a money judgment less than $75,000 shall specify the amount sought, but a demand for more than $75,000 shall not specify the amount, but merely… Read More »

What is a Stipulation of Dismissal?

A recent comment on this blog suggested the following post for information purposes. For those (maybe my mentees) who don’t practice routinely in the Maryland or federal civil courts, a stipulation of dismissal is a tool by which a plaintiff may dismiss any unserved defendant, any defendant who has not yet filed a responsive pleading… Read More »