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Mentoring Program of the Maryland Professionalism Center

I am pleased to report a successful year in the Mentoring Program through the Maryland Professionalism Center, Inc., a non-profit organization that works in close coordination with the Maryland Court of Appeals, particularly with the Hon. Lynne Battaglia of Maryland’s highest court. My mentee this year was a young aspiring family law attorney whose prior

New lawyer smell

I have gotten 8 good years out of the new car my children’s mother and I bought in January 2005 and, the occasional cashectomy for tires and rotors aside, it runs very well with 151K miles on it.  Commuting to DC for a while put some mileage on the car and with an active practice,

“The 21st Century Lawyer Manifesto” – a respectful dissent

Long post. In general, we Americans favor the doer over the critic.  Theodore Roosevelt lost his charm for me once I learned that he attacked American Revolution founding father Thomas Paine as “that filthy little atheist” – inaccurately, Paine being a Deist and scathing critic of nearly every form of Christianity that he encountered.  Roosevelt’s