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New Law Office Developments, June 2012

As previously noted here, Bruce Godfrey will be opening the “Gone Geek” conference track of the MSBA Annual Meeting in Ocean City next week on Thursday the 14th.  The 8:15 AM lead-off presentation will cover “30 Tech Tips in 30 Minutes”, covering a variety of tools, strategies, vendors and key concerns in the modern social

Gone Clio interview with Godfrey on Legal Talk Network

Jack Newton of Themis Solutions, the publisher of the Clio online law practice management platform, interviewed me last week to discuss my overall positive experience with their product.  The discussion is probably of interest primarily to other attorneys but perhaps there might be value to other self-employed professionals in the discussion as well.  15 minutes.

Law Office of Bruce Godfrey Update 10 May 2012

The following is a brief update on the firm’s recent activities. 1)  Practice growth has led the Law Office to sign a short-term lease with Businessuites for space that overlooks the Owings Mills Mall. at 10451 Mill Run Circle.  After the lease expires, the Law Office will probably either remain in its current space, move

New outgoing responder for my old email addresses

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues: Thank you for bearing the inconvenience of this message. and are now deprecated email addresses and are being discontinued. This is to reduce overall email, streamline accounts and clean the Augean Stables of spam. All clients, government agencies, courts, personnel, CURRENT vendors, Bar Associations and colleagues in the

Open Letter to National Organization for Marriage Requesting Boycott of Law Office of Bruce Godfrey

Original Letter 3 April 2012 National Organization for Marriage Open Letter By facsimile: (888) 894-3604 Re:             Request to Join Boycott List Dear Madam or Sir: I write your organization to request that the Law Office of Bruce Godfrey be placed on the boycott list for corporate and business advocates for the recognition of lawful

Media Release: Bruce Godfrey to Address MSBA Convention on Tech Tips June 15, 2012

FOR GENERAL RELEASE April 3, 2012: Owings Mills-based employment attorney Bruce Godfrey will address the Maryland State Bar Association Annual Convention in Ocean City on Thursday, June 14, 2012 on the topic of technology tips for small firms. In its effort to develop skills and administrative capacity for younger attorneys and attorneys in solo practice

Announcement of Opening of Law Office of Melissa Menkel Maguire, LLC

Editor’s Note: The telephone number for the Law Office of Melissa Menkel Maguire is 410-905-4573 and that firm’s website is It pleases me greatly to see a brilliant classmate of mine from Maryland Law opening her own practice. Attorney  Melissa Maguire, formerly of Whiteford, Taylor and Preston, has declared professional independence and now serves