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A Big Thank You to Businessuites!

I want to issue a big public “thank you” to Businessuites Owings Mills, the landlord for my law practice. Businessuites is making a major investment in a new telephone network which will allow client (and non-client) messages to be forwarded as .wav files to its tenants imcluding this Law Office. The big advantages to this

At the Law Office of Bruce Godfrey, corporations are NOT people.

Recently a leading presidential candidate told a group of hecklers in an unguarded moment,”Corporations are people.” The primary philosophical guideline of the Law Office of Bruce Godfrey is the exact opposite concept, namely, that people are people and that nothing else in the world is morally entitled to the dignity of “people.” This is a

Law Firm Update, August 5, 2011

The Law Office of Bruce Godfrey is now accepting referrals and new clients in Maryland for relief under chapter 7 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.  The new practice area is in direct response to the underserved need for a second chance for debtors facing impossible circumstances and needing a second shot at the American

Announcement: New Locations for Law Office of Bruce Godfrey

The Law Office of Bruce Godfrey now has a new metropolitan Baltimore location. Headquarters: Law Office of Bruce Godfrey 10451 Mill Run Circle, Suite 400 Owings Mills, MD 21117 switchboard line 410-561-6061 fax: 1-888-241-3135 Email – “godfrey” @ the firm’s website. In addition, Bruce Godfrey is of counsel to the law firm of Jezic,

Gregg Bernstein Raises Ethical Cloud in Intra-office Football-Spiking Memo

Baltimore Sun, June 2, 2011: “In the email, {Baltimore City State’s Attorney Gregg] Bernstein called the convictions of two officers on misdemeanor misconduct charges “in many ways the right result,” though he had pursued felony kidnapping charges that would have brought a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison for the officers. He said the

Happy 4/20 to NORML Members

The Law Office of Bruce Godfrey hereby wishes all members of NORML, both clients and non-clients of the firm, a Happy 4/20.  Please be safe and please obey the law. For those not familiar, NORML is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, which advocates decriminalization, legalization and sensible regulation of marijuana and