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The Latest in “Rakofsky v. Internet” from the Philly Law Blog

Philadelphia attorneys Jordan Rushie and Leo Mulvihill practice in that city’s Fishtown neighborhood and publish the Philly Law Blog.  If you haven’t read their synopsis of the procedural posture of that peculiar method of attorney career suicide that attorney Scott Greenfield of New York named “Rakofsky v. Internet“, go read it. Rakofsky, even now, could probably

Going Geek, Gone Geek

I was most pleased to have the chance to speak at the MSBA Annual Meeting’s “Going Geek” presentations on June 14, 2012 in Ocean City. Four of us presented: Heather Pruger, Esq. of Saul Ewing, Laurie Wasserman Esq. of Tydings and Rosenberg, Hughie Hunt, Esq. of Kemet & Hunt in College Park and myself. We

Best way to treat the tribunal adjudicating your clients’ rights? – Your thoughts…..

Over the last 15 years of practice, I have developed my own views about how to treat the tribunal – court, administrative agency, UI appeals division, etc – that is adjudicating my own clients’ cases.   My approach is to save procedural grievances either for appeal, motions for rehearing or, in extremis, the disciplinary authorities

“Branding” in the practice of law really burns my wide-load rear end

What are brands? “Brand” comes from a Germanic route meaning “to burn”; the related words “brandy”, “brent” and many modern German words employ this root to describe the act or recipient of burning. In North America and later some other places, cattle were branded (burned, though not too painfully I am told) with glowing-hot iron

Advice to Young Lawyers: Do NOT Let Some Vendor Own Your Identity

It’s bad enough that we attorneys have to use vendors to supply our needs like everyone else in business. Good business judgment encourages economization and a careful eye on the effective rate of return from expenditures, including supplies, utilities, equipment, fixtures, inventory (not that that’s much of an issue in 99% of law offices) and