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Required Automobile Security – Transportation Article 17-104

Under Maryland law (specifically Md. Code Ann. TA § 17-104), an owner of a vehicle must maintain required security (almost always insurance, in rare cases a self-insured bond substitute) during the registration period for the vehicle. Three trial issues present themselves regarding any prosecution of this charge. While it’s non-jailable, defense counsel who face this

When is a PBJ not a PBJ in Maryland traffic court?

There are certain circumstances where getting a probation before judgment will not help a motorist that much in Maryland’s traffic court. When the charge is an alcohol charge, insurance carriers can see any administrative alcohol license suspension even if the ultimate jailable offenses of driving while impaired/driving under the influence do not result in convictions

Basic Guide to Maryland MVA License Hearings

Under Maryland law and regulation, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) has the duty to administer the motorist license system and to call motorists in for a “Point System Conference” and send motorists to driver improvement programs or “DIP.” More ominously, the MVA can suspend or even revoke a motorist license for one of a