Joe Miller (R-AK Senate candidate) says unemployment benefits are unconstitutional, BUT….

his wife received them immediately after she was terminated from her job – at his magistrate judge’s office – upon getting fired for violating nepotism rules as the wife of a magistrate judge. Got that? They are unconstitutional, except when my household collects them when my wife gets them after losing her job due to

Too Good to Be True Tax Claims

Watch out for incorrect tax advice on these topics. 1. Anyone who tells you that you can deduct “educational” expenses generally, without a narrowly tailored definition of those expenses or the justification for those expenses, is presumably wrong. There are a number of credits, deductions and exemptions that apply to different aspects of educational expenses

Millionaires on Unemployment?

While some readers may be surprised to learn this, a recent article notes it is entirely possible for a millionaire to receive unemployment benefits if otherwise qualified to receive them. Neither your balance sheet nor your income level is a bar to receive benefits, though your wage history will determine whether you earn the maximum

Important changes to Maryland Unemployment Insurance Law Effective Next Year

Maryland unemployment law divides misconduct into three “degrees” – misconduct, gross misconduct and aggravated misconduct.  The penalty for ordinary misconduct is current a loss of 5-10 weeks of benefits, while gross misconduct (defined loosely as conduct that manifests gross indifference to the employer’s welfare or constitutes a repeated rule violations manifesting a deliberate and wanton