Pro bono case for bloggers

I am pleased to report that I am now local counsel for prominent conservative/libertarian bloggers Mandy Nagy and Patrick Frey in litigation filed by a Maryland resident and public figure of some notoriety. The facts and circumstances of the case have some very indirect, 6-degrees of separation overlap with litigation with which I was involved

Not every wrong act violates a black-letter ethics rule

Among the cardinal virtues promoted in Greek antiquity and classical Christianity are fortitude, prudence, temperance and justice. Prudence (originally, providentia, contracted to prudentia) is the wisdom and discipline to apply principles appropriately, reasonably and in proportion. Latin Christianity derived these terms from Plato through Cicero and the early Fathers of the Church; the English terms

Mentoring Program of the Maryland Professionalism Center

I am pleased to report a successful year in the Mentoring Program through the Maryland Professionalism Center, Inc., a non-profit organization that works in close coordination with the Maryland Court of Appeals, particularly with the Hon. Lynne Battaglia of Maryland’s highest court. My mentee this year was a young aspiring family law attorney whose prior