Jan-Feb Issue of MD Bar Journal is worth reading

The Maryland State Bar Association’s Bar Journal is always a worthy read but there are particular articles worth reading for many solo attorneys in the most recent issue.  Preeminent attorney discipline attorney Alvin Frederick, Esquire, of Eccleston & Wolf and Associate Bar Counsel James Gaither, Esquire, provided an article on online professional ethics and cybersecurity,

Gaudeamus igitur! A warm welcome to the Maryland Bar to Bennett S. Ostroff (UPDATED December 18, 2013)

Bennett S. Ostroff, Esquire is a friend, mentee and has as of today (December 18, 2013) become a professional colleague. Bennett has taken the Lawyers’ Oath and signed the Test Book bearing the signatures of many generations of admitted attorneys in this State. I take great pleasure in celebrating his triumph, as I still after 19

How to check your Maryland Unemployment Appeal Status Online – IMPORTANT UPDATE

UPDATE: I (Godfrey) regret to report that while the telephone numbers for the contacts at the Board of Appeals and the Lower Appeals Division are available at the link below, the link no longer provides a search portal for Maryland unemployment appeals.  We are keeping the page up for archival purposes. __________________________________________________________________ The following people

Things you should not post on Avvo.com

I have mixed feelings about Avvo.com.  On the one hand, it has challenged the long-time attorney ratings monopoly of Martindale-Hubbell.  While lawyers can “rig” an Avvo rating, lawyers can also “rig” a Martindale rating to some extent.  Competition is healthy, even in semi-rigged BS ratings systems.  Hell, even Maury Povich has to take some maurylogical