Mr. Boh Issues Press Release Denying Chechen Heritage

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Baltimore, April 20, 2013:  Mr. Boh, the icon of long-time Baltimore hometown brew National Bohemian, confirmed in a public statement that he is of Czech, not Chechen, cultural heritage.

“My ancestors came from west of Prague in Bohemia, in what is now the Czech Republic.  I have no connection to Chechen culture or Chechnya, though I hope God blesses those folks real good,” echoing the famous benediction of the late legendary former Comptroller of Maryland Louis Goldstein.  Mr. Boh reported that his ancestors included both Czech Bohemians and ethnic Sudeten Germans, and all enjoyed a crisp if pedestrian lager best served cold in section 34 of the former Memorial Stadium.

Mr. Boh declined to make comment about recent major events in Massachusetts, and departed the conference with his wife Ms. Hilda Mae Boh, formerly the “Utz Girl” Hilda Mae Utz of the Utz potato chip dynasty.