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About this site (May 2017) – Please Read First

This website ( is undergoing (Spring 2017) a significant reformatting to reflect my professional interests as a Maryland employment attorney.  A different site, Working Scribe ( is a growing repository of my other interests in law, law practice and the civic life of Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic. Both sites are going to look a little… Read More »

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Important Maryland Cases: Owens-Illinois, Inc. et al., v Zenobia, et al., 325 Md. 420 (1992)

In Owens-Illinois, Inc., et al., v. Zenobia, et al.,  325 Md. 420 (1992), the Maryland Court of Appeals enunciated a “malice” standard for punitive damages in Maryland. Plaintiffs Zenobia and Dickerson in the original cases were victims of asbestos exposure and sued several defendants who produced, supplied or installed products containing asbestos.  At trial, the only… Read More »